How It works:
The Yard Sign Installation Process

We often get asked about how our business works and how we go about creating some amazing yard sign displays. Well, here's a "Behind-the-Scenes" look at what we do and how we do it. 

Before We Begin: What is a Yard Sign Display?

Yard sign displays are a fantastic way to celebrate special occasions, promote events, or spread messages to the community. As a professional yard sign rental company, Big Head Yard Signs ensures a seamless and hassle-free installation process for our customers. Here's our "How We Do It Guide", step-by-step, detailing the entire preparation and installation process from planning to pick-up.

STEP ONE: Planning the Display

Understanding our clients' needs is critical. We review your reservation request, focusing on the details (that's what makes the display extra-special). We'll discuss the details about the occasion or milestone-- is it a birthday, graduation, baby shower, or another special event?-- gather details on preferred colors, themes, a special phrase, and, last but not least, any customizations or personalizations such as a Big Head Keepsake or a custom sign.

We'll also gather details about where the display will be installed. Though most of our customers request displays for their home, we also often create yard sign displays for schools, businesses, or install at event centers. Overall, our goal here is to ensure we have a clear idea about your vision and are set on the logistics for making it happen.

STEP TWO: Producing Custom Pieces

Using the information gathered in the reservation request and Step One, we'll outline the color scheme, theme, and specific images for custom pieces. Our in-house Graphic Designer (Leah) then uses professional design software to create the visuals for the props, ensuring the designs are eye-catching, clear, and aligned with your expectations. (It's GOT TO be PERFECT!) We'll then send a proof for your approval on custom pieces like our Grad signs, Big Head Keepsakes, or Spirit Big Heads. 

STEP THREE: Printing Custom Pieces

We use high-quality materials for printing all of our yard sign props. 4mm corrugated plastic is our material of choice since it is super durable, light-weight, and weather-resistant. We use UV-resistant inks when printing to prevent fading and to ensure our props have a very long life.

After the props are printed and cut, we inspect them to ensure all pieces meet our high quality standards.

STEP FOUR: Picking the Pieces

Before we can install a yard sign display, we have to pick the necessary pieces to match your request and the design plan from Step One. Our Deluxe display includes a lettered phrase; this means that each letter is a separate piece. Our Basic display usually includes a single-piece for the phrase such as "Congrats" or "Happy Birthday". 

We'll pull the letters for the honoree's name, the themed pieces-- graduation, birthday, or custom characters--plus the "filler" props like balloons, stars, and streamers to match the color scheme and add a bit of "razzle dazzle".

In addition to the props, we ensure that we have the other necessary components to ensure a professional installation-- various sized stakes, reinforcement poles, industrial-strength tape, and lighting, if requested.

STEP FIVE: Packing the Pieces

Things can get very interesting fast when we have multiple back-to-back installations. 

Aside from ensuring that we have all of the pieces and tools we need, it's important that we keep everything organized and protected during transport. We use heavy-duty storage bags to achieve this. 

We also have to ensure that we strategically load the items and tools to prevent crushing, scratching, denting, or other damage; that's why sometimes Big Head Keepsakes may ride securely in the passenger seat!

STEP SIX: Prepping the Pieces

Once we make it to the location for installation, we're ready to get started staking. We prep the pieces by inserting 1/4" galvanized, weather-resistant, metal stakes into each piece. We use h-stakes for top-level pieces, smaller, half-stakes, and what we call "kabobs" for lower-level pieces. Fun fact: "kabobs" are just broken h-stakes we've recycled!

STEP SEVEN: Putting Up the Display

We follow the design plan and begin installation, starting with the pieces in the center. We lay each tier or level out to ensure the spacing between the pieces and levels is appropriate and that it fits the installation area, considering the placement in relation to the house or building, street, direction of traffic, entrances, or landscaping.

With each of the props in place, we secure them to ensure the durability of the display; we push them in the ground firmly, checking that each piece does not move freely or easily topple over. Then we use industrial-strength tape to hold everything in place for the duration of the rental period and install reinforcement poles behind the display to prevent swaying.

Our displays have impressively withstood 30-40+ mph winds and the worst weather! 

STEP EIGHT: Presenting the Surprise

Now, it's YOUR turn! You get to surprise your guest of honor with their personalized display!

Capture the moment with a photo or video of the reveal. Reactions are always priceless! Have a reveal to share? We would LOVE to see! Please email them to us at

STEP NINE: Picking Up

At the end of the rental period, we drop by for pick up-- it's 100% hassle-free, no need for you to even be present! We handle the disassembly too, which involves carefully removing the tape and stakes from the yard sign props, and packing everything back up. We double- and triple-check the installation area to ensure no stakes were left behind.

We then load the yard sign pieces carefully to ensure they are not damaged during transport.

If a Big Head Keepsake was ordered and wasn't pulled from the display prior to our arrival, we'll carefully leave it at your doorstep or in another secure place.

STEP TEN: Putting It Away

Finally, we clean up the signs, wiping them down and carefully inspecting them, making note of any that may need to be repaired or replaced.

Once clean up is complete, we return the props to their storage location until they are ready to be used again.


By following these steps, we ensure a smooth and professional yard sign installation every time. Each step is crucial in delivering a delightful experience for you and your family, creating the most memorable celebrations.

Ready to mark their moment with an unforgettable yard sign display that measures up to the occasion and that they'll never forget?

Complete the Reservation Request Form here. A team member will reply within 24 hours to collect a few more details and finalize the reservation.

Questions? Shoot us a text message to (210)412-6196 or message us on Facebook.

We look forward to celebrating with you!